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Trust an expert tax consultant knowledgeable about expats in the Netherlands

If you are in need of a reliable and professional tax consultant who works in the Netherlands, make sure to contact the experts over at Witlox International Tax Advice. Their consultants assist with everything that is expat-related. Relocating to the Netherlands entails so much more than simply landing a job at a new company or deciding to study abroad. It means you have to go house hunting or enroll in school while you are still on the other side of the world. The consultants over at Witlox International Tax Advice assist you with these matters and help you to fill out your tax papers.

Make use of special expat regulations for your relocation compensation

In the Netherlands, you pay preliminary taxes that are withheld from your wage. Expats have unique tax rules, including the 30% ruling. In the first years after relocation to the Netherlands, 30% of your wage will be tax free. In other words, your net income will be higher. This is a kind of compensation for your relocation costs. An expert in expat taxing knows everything about these and other rules that apply to expats working in the Netherlands, so make sure you seek support of a tax consultant who knows his business!

Receive in-depth advice about your taxes

The consultants over at Witlox International Tax Advice work with simple questionnaires you have to fill out for them. In this way, they have all the relevant data to submit your taxes in a timely manner. This means you do not have to struggle through all the paperwork and can focus on things that are important to you. Would you like to know more about their services? Check out the website or contact them to receive in-depth advice from a tax consultant on your tax filing in the Netherlands.