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The Art of Perfection: Vehicle Care at Ziebart Netherlands

Vehicle care is not merely a task; it’s an art that requires precision, dedication, and expertise. At Ziebart Netherlands, we understand the value of your car, and our professional auto detailers are committed to delivering nothing but perfection.

What is an Auto Detailer?

An auto detailer at Ziebart Netherlands is more than a cleaner; they are specialists in vehicle care. These professionals not only wash your car but also polish and wax it to perfection, both inside and out. Using high-quality products and proven techniques, they ensure a deep cleaning process that results in a stunning shine.

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, our detailers employ special techniques and top-notch products to attain a thorough cleaning and dazzling glow.

Protection: A Crucial Aspect

Protecting your vehicle is paramount at Ziebart. We apply self-developed protective coatings that safeguard your car against various forms of damage, including scratches, dirt, and rust. This ensures lasting and robust protection.

The Complete Vehicle Detailing Process


The exterior care starts with an intensive pre-wash using a high-pressure cleaner to eliminate loose dirt and grime. Then comes the careful hand wash, where a pH-neutral soap and soft sponge are used to clean every inch of your car. Wheels are treated with a special cleaner, and finally, the vehicle is dried using microfiber cloths or air blowers.

The process continues with clay bar treatment to remove embedded dirt, followed by polishing to erase light scratches and swirls. The exterior is then sealed with a layer of wax or sealant to preserve the finish.


Inside, the car is vacuumed meticulously, and all internal surfaces are cleaned and treated. Leather surfaces receive special care, windows are cleaned for a streak-free finish, and deeper cleaning, including steam or shampoo, is performed if required. The process concludes with a deodorizer, leaving your car feeling as fresh as it looks.

Why Choose Ziebart?

With unparalleled attention to detail, state-of-the-art products, and a customer-centric approach, choosing Ziebart as your auto detailer ensures that every ride in your freshly detailed car is a pleasure.

For more information or a price quote for your vehicle, feel free to contact us at 085 401 2371 or via The best car cleaners.